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Tea for Two:  Poetry on the Patio

Tea for Two: Poetry on the Patio

Casual outdoor readings by two local/regional poets are held first Saturdays in May, June, September, and October in partnership with River City Poets.

This month we welcome Anne Poarch and Edward Haile.

Events incorporate plenty of time to chat and books are available for purchase and signing.

For additional information call the library at 804-646-1877.

Saturday, October 5, 2019
11:00am - 1:00pm
West End Meeting Room A

Anne Poarch is a Richmond-based author and entrepreneur. This fall her second book of poetry, The Grit & Joy of Being will be published by Belle Isle Books, an imprint of local publisher, Brandylane. Her first book of poetry, Flight was published in
Spring 2017. Anne gathers inspiration for her poems from touch points in nature that represent ephemeral connections of life and beauty. To experience one of Anne's poems is to take a walk through the seasons, where words are arranged not by academic instruction, but by feeling and emotion. Anne is also founder of Basket & Bike, a bicycle tour company offering beautiful bicycle excursions along the Virginia Capital Trail, the James River, and other locations in Virginia. More than a bike tour, Anne encourages people to connect with the land, the river, and their communities by promoting leisurely excursions in nature. She extends her poetic pursuits to her business through an online journal where she pauses, like in her poetry, to reflect on the intersection of the spiritual and physical. Writing and starting her business have both been ways to bridge an out-of-doors childhood with an urban present.

Edward Wright Haile — Author of Jamestown Narratives, the definitive collection of first hand accounts of England’s colony in the first decade, and John Smith in the Chesapeake, an examination of the itinerary of the great explorer captain. Two historical maps: Virginia Discovered and Discribed and England in America. Four volumes of verse—Open, Not Glass, Here on a Mission, odes and lyrics; Where None Before Hath Stood, called the Jamestown epic; and his latest,Virginia Leaf, “odes, ballads, lyrics, stanzas, and lines” that put the Old Dominion in poetry. His translation of the Oresteia, was pronounced “a work of energy and genius” in attempting to find the English equivalents in both style and meter of the ancient Greek of Aeschylus. A native Virginian born in Washington, D.C., Ed has a bachelor’s in music from the Catholic University of America. He lives with his wife Bess in Essex County.

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Lisa Crisman

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